Looking for a solution to a problem with excessive credit card debt?

Well, the way out begins with meeting your credit card debt head on with a strategy to eliminate it completely.

There are many ways in which you can eliminate credit card debt and no shortage of advice. However, here is a simple step by step account of what you can do to begin to reduce and eventually get rid of your credit card debt.

1. Take stock of the situation i.e. draw up a table with the following fields: credit card name, balance, payment due day, APR, reward points earned, redemption offers applicable for your reward points balance, remarks.

2. Fill the table with data from your various credit cards.

3. Figure out which credit card is contributing the most to your overall debt i.e. highest APR and highest balance.

4. Check if reward points can be used to make partial payments or cover any kind of fees or if the points can be bartered for something you need (spending less means preventing credit card debt from getting worse).

5. First eliminate debt on the credit card that is contributing the most to your credit card debt.

6. Practice controlled and healthy spending habits (after all you are looking to get rid of your credit card debt not aggravate it) .

7. Look for alternative means of adding to your income (more money means earlier termination of debt).

Remember this is just one of the ways to eliminate credit card debt, you might devise your own way for accomplishing this. Any and every approach is good if it fulfills the objective.